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stud welding ferrule

stud welding ferrule is a kind of ring-shaped ceramic molten pool which is used to protect the molten metal after the welding nail and the base material are melted by discharge. Working principle:  stud welding ferrule use the high temperature resistance of ceramics to protect the welding melt from leaking, […]

ceramic ferrule for arc stud welding

Basic technical indexes of ceramic ferrules

Ceramic ferrules quality is very important to arc stud welding.also the welding strength is very important.normally the below information can decide the quality of ceramic ferrule 1, keep dry, not easy to absorb moisture,due to high temperature gasification, avoid water molecules  to let the weld gap have air hole and […]

ceramic ferrules for stud welding

the use of ceramic ferrules for stud welding

For the studs with diameters exceeding 10 mm, ceramic ferrules are the most common protection. Its essential role is: (1) it can focus arc on the workpiece surface, stabilize arc, reduce heat loss and reduce cooling rate and avoid arc diverge and blow. (2) because ceramic ferrule for stud welding allows high temperature, the […]

ceramic ferrule for stud welding

how to make high quality ceramic ferrule

Ceramic ferrule for stud welding of main chemical composition is 2MgO*2Al2O3*5SiO2, adhere to control the content of  impurities with the raw materials of high purity, pure and stable chemical composition in the process of sintering or calcined materials, bring customers more added value.The dry pressing and sintering of 1300 degrees […]

ceramic ferrules

arc stud welding with ferrule and cd welding

STUD WELDING is a high-speed metal fastening process in which a metal fastener can be applied by a welding arc to another piece of metal. The welding stud is placed (with a hand tool called the Stud Gun) in contact with the base metal, a weld arc is drawn which […]

ceramic ferrule

ceramic ferrule for stud welding

ceramic ferrule for stud welding is widely used for magnetic force floating railway engineer,building bridge,building railway,large power plant,plane depot that needs wide span. It is made by Cordierite ceramics.we need make material first by special formula.

ceramic ferrule for stud welding 01

the advantage for our ceramic ferrule

Our ceramic ferrules have many advantages,such as high density,precise design and strict tolerance,good concentricity and consistency,good apprearance,good thermal conductivity function,environmental protection,high impact strength and breakdown strength,high tensile strength after welding.

stud welding ceramic ferrule

stud welding ceramic ferrule

Ceramic Ferrule for stud welding is normally with shear connector,it has many usage. Protect the weld pool by create  metal vapour in the burning chamber at sufficient current intensity;Concentration and stabilization of the arc, thus reducing arc blow;Moulding of the displaced weld pool to a weld collar and