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stud welding ferrule

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stud welding ferrule is a kind of ring-shaped ceramic molten pool which is used to protect the molten metal after the welding nail and the base material are melted by discharge.

Working principle:

 stud welding ferrule use the high temperature resistance of ceramics to protect the welding melt from leaking, make it cool and shape, and improve the quality of welding. The accessories for welding shear nails (also known as welding nails, studs) are used in conjunction with shear nails, and are usually welded by professional stud welding machines.

Basic technical indicators:

Keep it dry, not easy to absorb moisture, and avoid defects such as pores in the weld due to high temperature vaporization of water molecules.the strength is moderate, and ceramic ferrule will not break or produce large cracks when it is slightly compressed or impacted.there is no adhesion after welding by ceramic ferrule,and the inner wall is as bright as an enamel layer, instead of uneven, and the surface of the weld is bright.the shape and size are consistent, not oval.


Prevent the welding torch and the component from igniting and damaging the gun head.stud ferrules is auxiliary molten iron forming at the melting point, making the welding joint more is used with professional welding machine. Compared with manual arc welding,stud ferrules has simple operation and low skill requirements, which reduces the arc and smoke damage to workers.

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