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arc stud welding with ferrule and cd welding

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ceramic ferrules

STUD WELDING is a high-speed metal fastening process in which a metal fastener can be applied by a welding arc to another piece of metal.
The welding stud is placed (with a hand tool called the Stud Gun) in contact with the base metal, a weld arc is drawn which melts the welding stud base and an area of the metal work piece for metal fastening. The welding stud is then forced into the melted area and held in place until the metals re-solidify. This high quality fusion arc weld is complete in milliseconds and is
accomplished by one of two major methods.

Two methods of stud welding are Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding (usually “CD Stud Welding” for short) and Arc Stud Welding with arc shields.STUD WELDING SYSTEMS consist of a Power Supply and/or “Controller”, a Stud Gun, and Welding Cables to tie the system and work-piece together.

Arc Stud Welding Process is as follows:
Arc Stud Welding with ceramic ferrule is generally used to weld large diameter fasteners to rougher and thicker base metals.Arc Studs may be almost any shape and there are literally hundreds, however, they must have one end of the fastener designed for Arc welding equipment.Mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum are applicable materials for Arc welding.Stud and ceramic ferrules against the work plate.Stud is Lifted and Arc is drawn for welding.Stud Gets Forced into Metal starting the weld.Stud is Welded Using Arc Stud Welding Method

Capacitor Discharge (CD) Stud Welding Process is as follows:
Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding is generally used to weld smaller diameter fasteners to thin base metals.Since the entire weld cycle is completed in milliseconds, welds can be made without pronounced distortion, burn-through or reverse side discoloration. As long as one end of the fastener is designed for CD welding equipment, CD Studs can be manufactured in almost any shape.Weld Stud Against Work.Welding Process Starts with Stud heading Downward.Stud Gets Forced into Molten Metal.Stud is Welded Using Capacitor Discharge Method.

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ceramic ferrules