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Basic technical indexes of ceramic ferrules

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ceramic ferrule for arc stud welding

Ceramic ferrules quality is very important to arc stud welding.also the welding strength is very important.normally the below information can decide the quality of ceramic ferrule

1, keep dry, not easy to absorb moisture,due to high temperature gasification, avoid water molecules  to let the weld gap have air hole and other defects.

2, moderate strength,ceramic ferrules for stud welding will not break or have large cracks after slight pressure or bump ;

3. There is no adhesion after welding, and the inner wall is bright as the enamel layer, but not uneven. The surface of the weld is bright and bright.

4. The shape and size of ceramic ferrule for stud welding are consistent and not oval.

we can make many kinds for ceramic ferrules according to your requirement,such as different color and size.

ceramic ferrule for arc stud welding

ceramic ferrules for stud welding