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the use of ceramic ferrules for stud welding

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For the studs with diameters exceeding 10 mm, ceramic ferrules are the most common protection. Its essential role is:

(1) it can focus arc on the workpiece surface, stabilize arc, reduce heat loss and reduce cooling rate and avoid arc diverge and blow.

(2) because ceramic ferrule for stud welding allows high temperature, the metal vapor formed in the ceramic ferrule combustion chamber can escape from the incision exhaust. This prevents the atmosphere from staying on the surface of the workpiece and reducing the role of the atmosphere and molten pool metals.

Ceramic ferrules for stud welding are made of cheap substances, mainly composed of magnesium aluminates and some aluminum oxide. It is important to have the stability of temperature change.However, the ceramic ferrule for stud welding can only be used for one time welding, and once the molten metal is solidified, it is usually cracked and removed.Ceramic ferrules for stud welding should be stored in dry places. Ceramic ferrules should be heated and dried if they are damp.The assembly of the ceramic ferrules and the stud must be concentric. The ferrule mouth of ceramic ferrule with incline and uneven contact can not be used, otherwise affect the stud move downward in the welding torch and affect the welding quality.According to ISO 13918 standard, different types of studs are fitted with corresponding ceramic ferrules.Welcome to enquiry!

ceramic ferrules for stud welding